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JyeBao RF products

JyeBao RF products

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Jyebao is a vertically integrated company that designs and produces its
RF products in house all the way from raw material to the end product.
We have two production facilities located in Taiwan and production
departments include: raw cable production, connector/adaptor/passive
component production, cable assembly production and electro-plating.

Jyebao keeps stock of over 400 different standard RF adaptors and over
2000 standard RF connectors. If there is an RF adaptor or connector
which doesn’t exist we’ll be happy to develop it .

Over 800 standard fixed attenuators are available as well as a wide range
of other passive components.

Jyebao offers a standard series of 18GHz and 40GHz low loss test cables
for lab use. Of special interest are our test cables with a unique snap on
design which allows for reliable and fast matings/unmatings.We also offer
a wide range of regular RF cable assemblies.

Our company specializes in semi-rigid, hand-bendable, as well as flexible
cable production.


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